Moving Tips

Published on 8/31/2017
Do you need help choosing which storage facility to rent from? Most people don't want to read an article about self storage facilities, they'll just choose the cheapest option and move on in. That might be an ok option for some people but there is a few things to consider when choosing a storage facility.

Usually the two most import items when renting a storage unit are cost, and location. With todays economy everybody is looking to save a few dollars, Nothing wrong with that. The 2nd item is location location location. Nobody wants to rent a cheap storage unit in Timbuktu when there is a storage facility right down the street. Since we live in the 21st century there is something that has been invented to help us find storage facilities with these two main concerns of cost and location in mind: The Internet. It's easy to jump online and search for storage facilities and quickly view the prices of storage units and see where they are on a google map. Nobody wants to be calling around for hours in the phone book to find prices and locations. 

While price and location are important there are a few other things that are very beneficial to consider when looking at a storage facilities website. Some of these features are things like..

1. Can you rent a storage unit online?
2. Can you agree to a storage agreement online?
3. Can you login to your own account to check your balance and history?
4. Can you be set up on recurring billing?
5. Can you be texted or Emailed an invoice, or a past due notice?
6. What are the reviews of the storage facility? Are their any online reviews of real life people that have rented there.
7. How are the physical features of the facility? fences, lighting, appropriate spacing for trucks, condition, etc.

These 7 items might not be as important as location and cost, however they might tip the scale if you stop and think about how convenient renting a storage unit could be.